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Dear Members,

Thanks for your continuing support towards our analysis and achievements. We have been researching and analyzing Indian stock markets for last 13 yrs but last 9 yrs made us to think about absolute profit making from the market. We have given you all a continued support for Free Online Calls, Stocks Recommendations for Short/ Medium/ Long Term, Daily News Letters and many more till April 15th 2006.
We are working hard for our clients to earn almost risk-free from the stock market. We will be helping our clients with Gain/Risk ratio of 10:1. Almost all the News Letter/ Online/ BTST Calls will be able to make a profit of almost 2-5% of trading amount in a day.

Enjoy high accuracy & 100% genuine calls in Equity & Commodity Segment…. on Yahoo Messenger id: &

One-Week Mcx Pack (Trial-1 Week) for Online Calls in Mcx for Intra-Day/ Delivery to be given by SMS (on mobile) &  Yahoo/ GTalk messenger for Just Rs. 5000/-

 *Our Daily Calls Services:
We give Online Buy/Sell Trading Calls for Intraday + Delivery Markets through Yahoo/GTalk Messenger & SMS between 10:10 AM to 10:00 PM on regular trading days.
We send nearly 4-7 Buy/Sell Calls (on an average) everyday with precise entry levels, profit targets and stop levels.
MCX trading package is available where we will give 4-7 Calls for Intra-day with Minimum 1-2% of gains (Buying or Selling) and precise stop loss levels.
NCDEX trading package is available where we will give 4-6 Calls for Intra-day with Minimum 0.5-2% of gains (Buying or Selling) and precise stop loss levels. (Services not available for regular customers at present).
Sure-Shot Calls Pack will include only 1-2 Calls given Intra-Day/ Positional basis with Minimum gain of 0.75% - 3% in the MCX (buying or selling side). The service will be provided on Yahoo/GTalk Messenger & SMS as subscribed by members. In a month there will be around 15-20 sure-shot calls. (Services currently not available, removed till further notice)
We have launched Mcx positional calls which will include Gold, Silver, Crude, Nat Gas & Base Metals for 2-7 days of trading which will give good return in short term.

Our commodity service details:
*Online Trading Calls for Commodities in MCX & NCDEX on Yahoo/GTalk & SMS with almost 90% success.
*1-2 Daily Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) or (STBT) at Last Hours of Mkt with almost 95% success.
*Online/ BTST/ STBT Calls given through Yahoo Messenger id: ibncommodity or GTalk Messenger id: ibncommodity & SMS (On Mobile) between 6:00 PM -8:00 PM.
*MCX Calls for Intra-Day gain of 0.75%---3% (buying or selling), sent through Messenger & SMS.
*NCDEX Calls for Intra-Day gain of 0.5%---2% (buying or selling), sent through Messenger & SMS. (Services currently not available, removed till further notice)
*Mcx Positional Calls will be given in Gold, Silver, Crude, Natural Gas & Base Metals which will yield a return of Rs. 10000/- to 15000/- minimum per lot in short span of time. Calls will be given with precise entry / exit levels.
*Live Chat session for Query/ MCX-NCDEX Momentum/ Trend Analysis/ Market related queries etc at Yahoo/GTalk Messenger for our clients between 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM (On Trading Days i.e. Monday- Friday).
*Newly Launched Commodity Services will be given between 10:10 A.M. to 10 P.M Monday to Friday.

* Subscription Rates for Commodity Calls MCX Segment only:
Products (Codes for Services)
Commodity Calls- MCX-NCDEX (All Calls)
Rs. 0
Rs. 0
Rs. 0
Commodity Calls- NCDEX (NCDEX Agri Call)
Rs. 0
Rs. 0
Rs. 0
Commodity Calls- MCX (MCX Only)
Rs. 5000
Rs. 15000
Rs. 40000
Bullion Pack- Mcx  (Gold & Silver Only)
Rs. 3000
Rs. 10000
Rs. 25000
Energy Pack- Mcx (Crude & Natural Gas Only)
Rs. 3000
Rs. 10000
Rs. 25000
Base Metal Pack- (Lead, Zinc, Copper, Nickel)
Rs. 3000
Rs. 10000
Rs. 25000
Mcx Positional Calls - (Mcx Calls for 2-7 days)
Rs. 5000
Rs. 15000
Rs. 40000

*How to Subscribe to our Services:
1) You can deposit a cheque/ draft or transfer funds online at ICICI Bank (Current Account) in Favor of: IBN Services Payable At: New Delhi.

ICICI Bank: A/c No. 071705500009 (IFSC Code: ICIC0000717), Gujranwala Town, New Delhi.

2) The mode of payments is: Cheque/ Demand Draft/ Online Transfer; Cash Deposits (Only in home branch), (If cash deposited other than home branch, Then add Rs. 200/- as ‘Anywhere Banking’ Charges/ Other charges levied by banks). These can be deposited directly to our ICICI Bank A/c across India.

3) Once you make the payment, kindly Write Us at and send a copy to with the Payment details along with:
Name, Full Address, Phone/ Mobile No., E-Mail id, Yahoo/GTalk id, Service required on: Messenger (Yahoo/GTalk Messenger) or SMS, Pack Code with Services subscribed for, Amount Paid (with name of the Bank: ICICI), Mode of Payment, Date of Payment, Transaction Details, Broker with whom demat A/c held.

We will start the services immediately once the payment gets cleared and transferred to our account.
Subscriber can also specify the date for commencement of their service so it can be activated accordingly, in this regard our decision will be final (Maximum waiting time allowed 3 days after the payment made by the client).
For further details or clarifications, Call us on: 91-9899909899 or E-mail:
*Disclaimer and Terms of Service: IBN Services stands for India Business Network Services, based at New Delhi; Proprietor based company, Prop: Manish Kumar Sarraf, Reserach Analyst, SEBI Reg. No.: INH100001948. Stock/ Commodity market is subject to risk. High risk high gain is the key to the market. We are not responsible for any loss or profit associated with stocks/ commodity mentioned on this site/ by us. Under no circumstances will we be held liable for losses incurred due to information presented anywhere on the site or given through yahoo messenger or SMS. Please do your own research before establishing an equity/ derivatives position in a trade. Not all stocks recommended by us are suitable for your investment needs. Carefully evaluate your own risk tolerances. Subscription Prices subject to revise whenever required. Subscription Fees once paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Any error in this document cannot be claimed by anyone. Technical faults during services or SMS cannot be claimed by any of the clients and it’s beyond the limit of the service provider. Due to technical faults, the service might interrupt for short duration and no claim or refund will be entertained. Delay in SMS delivery is not within our limits and its totally mobile operator/ service provider dependant.
 The articles on our websites/ pages are not written by a registered investment advisor. The author may or may not be holding a position in companies that are being analyzed. More likely than not, the author will have an interest in the stock mentioned.
The price offer and services are complimentary and subject to revise when and where required. No refund/ No Claims can be entertained once subscription is availed for that period. All dispute subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.
All content, materials and design associated with this site are property of IBN Services, New Delhi. If you would like to duplicate anything you find on this website, please before doing so, else you will liable for serious offence.
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